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Meet Lindsey : Rockstar Boy Mom

I met Lindsey through one of my former brides. She is a uber talented Make Up Artist and Aesthetician. She can make any gal glow from the inside out, which is fitting because she is one of the sweetest peaches I know! I was lucky enough to coordinate her wedding when the big day came... isn't Carmel Valley lovely?

My favorite people at a wedding are the kiddos and their cutie son was in attendance. Fast forward and these two were prego with son number 2! Dang, they make cute kids.

So let's hear it from Lindsey, life as a boy mom:

I am a wife a mom to a three-year-old son, expecting a second son this February, aesthetician, business owner, make up artist, always on the go girly girl that still tries to make time for me, Lindsey O’Malley. For someone that is super OCD and likes to stay busy especially while at home doing mom stuff I have to give all the credit to my amazing husband right now for keeping everything in order, being pregnant with baby number two has been much more challenging than the first time. I should also give credit to iPads for allowing me to get naps in the middle of the day, Amazon for not making me get up and go to the store for anything, and God for blessing me with an amazing little toddler that somehow totally understands what it means to become a big brother and that mommy is having a hard time with it. I am so excited to not be pregnant anymore but I am beyond excited to meet this little baby. Being a mom is my favorite part of life!

We recently found out we were having a boy, it was the end of summer and I was sweating up a storm coming in from 100° weather into the cold doctors office for our ultrasound. As I lay there in excitement going back-and-forth still in my head whether it was a boy or a girl, the ultrasound tech is telling me tales of some moms crying in disappointment if they find out they are getting opposite of what they wanted. As she scrolls down between the babies legs it was clear as day. Before she could even announce it...there was a very familiar picture I’ve seen before. It’s a boy! I was truly excited. Now of course I believe Every woman deep down wants a girl, I mean let’s admit it, girls are just more fun to shop for. If you already have a boy the stereotype of a “perfect family” is to have a boy and a girl right?! Let me tell you why I am truly so excited to have another boy, well for starters I already have one and I know how amazing they are, but honestly I feel that God knows what he’s doing. He knows we need more good men in this world, I mean really good men, and that is my sole purpose of being a mother. We are thankful that both my husband and I come from a line of great men and fathers and I’ll be damned if my sons don’t grow up to be amazing, kind, respectful, honest humans. As I drove home from the ultrasound I cried and cried because I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my son he is getting the greatest gift he will ever receive in life, a brother..... a best friend. I still get tears thinking about it!

And of course we had to ask, what's your favorite cocktail?

Peach Bellini! I’m counting down the days till I can drink those again.

Thank you Lindsey for sharing your stories with us! You'll want to follow her & her sweet family adventures at @omadlylove on instagram!

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