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Momosa: Starting your morning off right!

This is the perfect switch-a-roo that makes you feel like that sassy brunch you love with your friends is not a thing of the past! It seems obvious, but the trick here is to supplement champagne with sparkling grape juice. Right? Easy. But the easier to find sparkling Martinelli's Apple Cider is much easier to find- keep searching the grape juice is the way to go!

Mimosa Bar

Here's the scoop:

• 2 parts OJ. I personally like a little pulp in mine!

• 3 parts sparkling grape juice

Adding garnishes are a great way to also add a twist to the flavor & let's be real- it's pretty.

If you are not prego and currently your spawn is throwing their breakfast on the floor, you can always go back to the original version & switch out your grape juice for champagne!


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