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Potty Training Books

So I have to confess, I am not sure if I am excited about this or sad. My little girl is almost 2 and is showing all the signs of being ready to start potty training. I mean I really like that the diaper thing keeps that sh*t under control. Like literaly under control. So the idea of being knee deep in wet pants, urgent trips to the toilet and in public accidents is not exciting at all. Worse yet, what if we are successful quickly and I loose my little baby girl??


More to confess...I am scared.

If you ask parents who have already gone through the experience of potty training their child, “was it hard?”, more than half will tell you that it was stressful, exhausting and at certain times, a complete nightmare.Those same parents will tell you that IF you follow a proven plan and consistently encourage your child, potty training can be done both quickly and easily.

Potty training feels like a rite of passage...for me. I feel like it's my first real challenge in motherhood where I can actually scar her for life. So ya, I'm making this about me.

I think it's like where they say you don't train a dog, you train the owner. I looked up potty training books and it came up with a lot of books for kids. Then I found Potty Train you kid in 3 days by Brandi Bucks. And the advice I got was "read it and then throw it away". So I did that.

After more books and blogs I feel like I might have some strategies that might work for my little Pie. My method of choice is bribing. Ya, I'm going feed my kid candy for each time she successfully rocks a bowel movement. That pretty much made the most sense for me because I would love for someone to give me candy each time I use the toilet too.

Where is that service? If you know how I can make that a reality send me a message.

But I guess the one thing I did read was to prep your kid so it was back to the good ol' Amazon for some reading material about the commode for the commode.


Potty by Leslie Patricelli is a sweet little gender neutral potty book & all the nakey baby parts are cleverly covered except for a cute bootie.

I honestly bought Big Girl Panties because I love to shop. Something I hope to pass on to my daughter.. This book is freakn' adorable. A must have!

This next one, Come Out Mr Poo! reminded me of Hanky the Christmas Poo from South Park so I had to get it. Frankly it's geared towards older kiddos- so if that's your situation- get this book!

Sadly, Superhero Potty Time is geared towards boys, but my daughter loves the lift the flap interactive books so this one is a winner for us. Anything to keep that kid on the toilet!

So wish us luck as we inch closer and closer to the big weekend....(seriously you should read the Potty Train your kiddo in 3 days!) I did find it was a great resource on potty training which I’m 100% sure will help teach your child how to use the potty in a way that’s both stress-free and enjoyable.

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