Meet Chelsy: Bump ahead!

It's true, there is something magical and special about your first child, but once you have your second, you realize that all babies are magical and special. The difference is that the second time around, you can actually enjoy it! You won't be able to solely devote your time to your new arrival, but you will have the wisdom and hard-won perspective to laugh at the hard days and cherish the easy ones. Even a second time mom will know their will be bumps in the road of motherhood & pregnancy. But you know you have managed not to kill the first one, so it is easier to enjoy each stage of babyhood without worrying over every little thing.

Let's meet Chelsey.

Hi Chelsy, you look fab. What have you been doing to prepare to be a family of 4?

I have just been getting the nursery ready and spending a lot of time with Callan (their 2 year old son) because I know it will be a little more limited once the baby comes. The birth itself even though I've already done it, nothing will ever prepare you for it!

I know it's hard to find special time for a mama. What have you been doing to take care of yourself?

I have been staying hydrated, resting when my body tells me I need to, and working out regularly still. I like to walk as much as I can but lately I'm tired and the heat is too much.

Photos: Amanda Lane Photography

Goshen, New York

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