Meet Kayleigh:Bibity Bobity Boutique

During the last decade of weddings, I was able to offer so many lovely girls a chance to intern with my company. One of my most favorite interns was Emily. She was recruited away by Disney World during her employment and now works in the Bibity Bobity Boutique. So when this touching submission came in featuring moments from the BBB- we had to share!

Kayleigh, tell us about your trip to the BBB.

I think my perspective is just a tad different than my hubby’s but mine would probably suit your blog as I totally would have loved to have had a cocktail while our daughter was having her makeover. There’s just something about watching your little girl have a pricey makeover that catapults you into the future... while my husband's thoughts went to her wedding day... I found myself thinking about the impending teenage years. She was very opinionated when choosing her gown, much like I was as a high schooler choosing my clothes for school. Then there was the fact that we spent the rest of our day at Disney walking around with a 5 year old covered in so much glitter and blue eye shadow that toddlers in tiaras and middle schoolers alike would be envious. But all the wardrobe drama, glitter, and bright blue eye shadow aside... it sure was a fun experience that we will all hold dear. Disney really should consider having a mimosa bar for the mamas near by!

So let's hear from dad, Gagan:

I wanted to photograph my daughter getting all dressed and her excitement. But then in the middle of me photographing her I got really emotional. You see I am a wedding photographer and I photograph brides getting ready all the time. Seeing my little girl getting her makeup and hair done made me realize how precious this time of her life is to me. I want to soak it all in because next thing you know she will grow up and find her prince.

Sweet stuff, right? It really is a good lesson in being present & enjoying the magic!

Photos: Gagan Dhiman Photography

Venue: Disneyland

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