Meet Chelsea: The Great Divide

Dividing one's attention between children is quite challenging, but it is a delicate balance that many family's have to do. One of my best friends growing up was my brother. However, there were certainly times that I felt like the baby of the family was getting preferential treatment. What kid doesn't want the spotlight from their parents?

We got a really sweet submission from a mom who shared with us her thoughts on bringing baby number two into the mix.

Hi Chelsea! I'd love to hear your thoughts on expanding your family..

My husband and I knew early on that we wanted our children close together in age. I have always loved the relationship he has with his brothers since there is only a span of 5 years between the three of them. So we planned baby number two to join us in the summer since I myself was in nursing school.

Our first son has always been the center of attention and his personally shows that. He captivates an audience wherever we go. We made sure to spend as much time making him still feel special as possible including anything from short trips to just getting out to do his favorite activities as a family as much as we could.

My fears of adding a new bundles to the mix were knowing he would never get the attention as our first. I worked part time and spent five days a week at home with our first. As where this baby would have to share me, as well as attending school four days a week and working on the rest of my free days. It’s overwhelming thinking he is losing out on what I was able to give his brother. I hope one day they both see that I made sacrifices for not just them but our whole family so my husband and I can provide them with the best lives!

Photos: J. Nicole Photography

Greenwood, Deleware

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