Meet Sarah: Mom Struggle is Universal

We have featured Sarah and her super cute fam before- but we wanted to share a bit more...

We have featured Sarah and her super cute fam before- but we wanted to share a bit more...

What is your best way to find balance (if this references a cocktail- I don't judge)?

Finding balance can be a daily struggle sometimes, and never quite looks the same. There are days when balance is needed between work/family, sometimes it's between family/me, and others is about family/marriage. I'm finding there are a lot of different things to balance now.

If I find myself with an hour or two to myself (like getting out of work a little early one day), it's an internal battle - Do I go pick up my son from daycare early? Do I have some me time? If so, should I go do something for me like get a pedicure? Or should I spend those precious hours catching up on a show I'm an entire season behind on? Or should I be productive around the house? And somehow, no matter what the decision, I feel like I probably should have done one of the other million things I could have been doing.

I try really hard not to get caught up in what I "should" be doing, and just do what feels right for me and family in that moment. I really took that to heart on maternity leave. I tried not to let myself worry about chores and what the house looked like when I only had those precious months at home with my newborn ONCE. I soaked in every. single. snuggle. He was, and always will be, my priority. The rest is just stuff. I'd rather have the memories of those little coos and yawns as he laid on my chest, than a sparkling kitchen counter top in this phase of life.

What challenges have you been facing as a mama?

I think it's a challenge to try and find yourself as a mother. I've never been a mother before so what does that look like? How does that change my relationship with my husband? My family? My friends? I think I struggle the most trying to find that balance of maintaining what makes me ME, and finding who I am and who I want to be as a mom.

Thank you again Sarah for your candid share! Cheers!!!

Photos: openField Photography

Westfield, Indiana