Meet Emily: Bath Time

Emily is a photographer and a boss mom. We were so elated with these super cute moments we wanted to introduce her to you!

Hey Emily, what are you thoughts on motherhood being a mama of 2!

Being a mom to one is hard. Being a mom to two is even a little harder in some ways. While I know some moms handle the transition from 1 to 2 gracefully, the truth is I struggled, I struggled hard. Mostly I dealt with a lot of guilt that my 2 year old didn’t feel loved, or that he wasn’t getting enough attention. On top of that, the new baby was super fussy for the first three months and even spent some time in the hospital for RSV and low weight. I was drowning, and felt that the new baby needed so much care and attention that my older son would surely start to grow to hate me. I spent many nights feeling defeated, promising myself I’d do better the next day, and then feeling like a failure again.

Around the 3 month mark, I started to be able to poke my head above water. Just for a few seconds, and not everyday, but in some moments. Our daughter had a brief hospital stay that let us get to the root of her issues, and things slowly started improving. Then, at 4 months, the baby got better and my son adjusted to having a sister, and I was suddenly having more good days than bad. More days when I was on top of it than not. Less days of needing to lock myself in the bathroom for 15 seconds of silence and a tall glass of wine.

Amen, sister. We will pour you a glass. A big glass.

Now, at 5 months, there are so many sweet moments. The love that Case & Addie have for each other is something I never anticipated. I expected my oldest to tolerate his sister, maybe enjoy getting diapers and wipes now and then, but he truly loves her. He plays with her, worries about her, and she is absolutely obsessed with him.

I find myself just sitting back and enjoying them together. That was something I couldn’t do deep in the trenches of having a newborn, and a sick newborn at that.

During one of their bubble baths, I decided to pull out my camera as pure magic unfolded - and in that moment, I knew I was doing an OK job with two. They’re happy, you can see it on their faces. They are playful, and fun, inquisitive and know they are both loved. They have no worries, other than the bath running out of bubbles.

I took a deep sigh, smiled, and said out loud to myself “you got this, Mama.”

And I know that I do.

YASS girl. This is all the feels. Thank you so much for sharing your cutie's bubble time with us! Such a good reminder of all the magic in the day to day moments!

Photos: Emily Michelle Photography

Lumberton, Texas

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