Meet Tiffany: It's Pizza Night

What they don't tell you in all the books, blogs and advice, is that when your heart appears to you outside of your chest in that tiny human, that everything about your previous life also changes. Not in the obvious ways. One day you are YOU and the next day your become someone's mom. The previous you ceases to exist. I felt this is a very real way. It's why I started this blog. So when Tiffany's lovely pictures came over and she shared her story, it hit home. We are definitely soul sisters.

Meet Tiffany.

Tif, hey girl. You look amazing. Tell us the biggest fear you have becoming a mom...

My biggest fear about being a mom is not being able to have it all. My work is my identity, my hobby, my passion. I own my business so I have anxiety about leaving but I cannot wait for my biggest blessing and adventure of being a mom! I know all of that will go away when I look at my baby!

I feel you. In a real way. Growing a tiny human has it's funny moments to share?

My funny pregnancy story..well I’ve been waxed regularly and nothing different has happened throughout the pregnancy. The waxing lady said you bruised a little this time but it will go away. I have a belly in the way so I can’t see, seemed fine, hurt the same amount. I went to work and when I got home I took a shower and looked in the mirror I had bruises all over down there! I panicked and it’s a thing! You bruise easily when pregnant! They went away but Man that was a shock!

I feel bad for those waxing girls. They have a tough job.

My husband and I make pizza and have wine on Fridays! When I got pregnant we stopped but I felt in the mood for pizza and got all the fixings! We made all dinner together and I wasn’t even thinking while we were cooking I poured us both a glass and was chit chatting with him. When I sat down to take a sip and enjoy my wine my husband said, “ what are you doing” I literally forgot I was pregnant! Airhead moment it even took me a second remember...

It's called pregnancy brain. And we all get it, Tiffany. Oh and they don't tell never really goes away!

Photos: V&E Photography

Murrieta, California

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