Meet Brittany: Mom, Mom, Mom

Occasionally, I get submissions that I catch myself laughing out loud. Because I feel you..

I am knee deep in toddler drama, and the struggle (and joy) is real. Brittany is one of those moms.

Hey, Brittany, you're boys are the cutest. They also have that "I'm up to no good" face pretty nailed. How's motherhood treating you?

My favorite thing my sister-in-law and I joke about is "Have Kids They Say, It'll Be Fun They Say... I'd Like To Hunt Down These "They" People And Give Them A Piece Of My Exhausted Mind"

Another thing I've learned is I don't give my kids enough credit, even though they are little they are so witty, smart, and catch on to EVERYTHING, so watch your tongue!

My favorite thing is honestly watching each of them run after/annoy each other! It just makes me smile and laugh sometimes because I just think "hey this is what having a sibling is all about." Another thing is Nate (2) wants to repeat word for word everything Chase (4) says so if you don't catch what Chase said, just wait 2 seconds because Nate will repeat it :)

Most surprising thing at Nate's age (2) is how much he communicates with me, sometimes I feel he's as old as Chase because how well he speaks. With Chase (4) most surprising thing is how self sufficient he is, but I love that he still wants to snuggle and sing with me at bedtime.

Funny thing about being a mom is the Family Guy episode where stewie says over and over "mom, mom, mom, mom..... hi" it is 100% real life. They just love to fill the void with questions like "what are we doing, where are we going" even though you've already answered them.

You are clearly outnumbered there in your house. How do you deal?

The thing I have done to take care of myself is I travel. I've always loved to travel and I don't feel I need to give that up to be a mom. My boys love their "boys weekend" with their daddy or going to grammie and grandpa's house to swim in the pool or go to the Lake. My advice to every mom is get away and spend some time for yourself, you deserve it, mentally and physically!!!

I also relate. My passport is not collecting dust just because I have kids!

My fears are not having my kids continue to communicate with me when they get older. I do not want to be their best friend, but I want to be the voice of reason they trust and appreciate, if there is an issue or they just need someone to talk to.

Couldn't agree more!

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Nashville, Tennesse

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