The Reality

Being authentic is not easy. If we allow mothers to step down from their pedestals, if we let go of the ideal of the self-sacrificing mother who lives more for her children than for herself, a lot of kids would have happier and healthier moms. That idea is why I started MNAC. So when I got to meet Jessica, all the self doubt she experienced hit home.

Meet Jessica.

The day Jett blessed our family and we became complete..

I was scared, nervous, happy, overjoyed all at the same time. I finally had my boy, and boy was he perfect. I loved him, my husband loved him, and our 5 year old daughter was head over heels for her new baby brother. As happy as I was to have our family complete, I was terrified to go home. I even dreaded it.

My husband was an out of town worker so for me, leaving that hospital meant going back to reality. Sure, he took a week off of work so he could help me get around but there isn't anything to prepare you to take a newborn on by yourself when you have a big sister who also needs you to be mommy and daddy while daddy is gone.

After my sweet and hard working husband went back to work, my mom was in from Colorado so I had her help but I was still by myself at night and I still had to get up and get Jade ready for school. God took pity on me and Jett was a very good sleeper. He slept from 11pm-6am but that still didn't make me feel any better. It was a huge blessing, I wont deny that but I still felt alone and scared.

I was afraid that I was depriving Jade of the love that she deserved. Was I talking to her enough? Was I hugging her enough? Praying enough? No one tells you the nitty gritty emotions you have after you get home and the visitors dwindle so that is what our first family session as 4 represents. These are raw and real images.

There is so nice hair and makeup, there is no spotless house. There is our reality and as chaotic as it is, it is oh so beautiful and I couldn't be more thankful. I had my sweet friend with Sarah Lynne Photography come over and she helped me get these images so that I could edit them.

As time went by, I got used to juggling everything and then it got hard again. It was like a roller coaster. .

My husband decided to come back home because I was desperate for his help and to just be able to hug him everyday when I needed it. He is an amazing man and I couldn't be more proud of what he does for our family. I wouldn't want to raise littles with anyone else but this exceptional man.

Photos: Jessica & Company LLC

Silsbee, Texas


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