Meet Riana: Mom of Two

I can recall the wonderful memories of my childhood growing up with a sibling close to my age. We rode bikes together, watched tv together, built forts together. As we grew up, those similarities grew into differences and created some conflict when we were teenagers. Now as adults I am so grateful to say in many ways my brother was and still is my best friend!

Meet Riana. Mom of two.

Hi Riana, tell us about your kiddos at this stage?

The best and worst part of this stage in childhood is actually the same thing. You are beginning to watch your children form their own identity; which is an almost magical thing. You are watching them come out of their shell for the very first time. You are learning even more what their likes and dislikes are. You can envision all the wonderful things they can succeed in in life.

With that being said, as a toddler and preschooler they were basically on the same page. They enjoyed the same shows, toys, activities, etc. With the eldest entering grade 1, and the youngest just beginning his journey in school, they are beginning to separate in the common grounds they once had. At times this can cause conflict.

Our eldest being a girl is all about barbies, female dominant shows, the world of Disney, and extracurricular-activities involving swimming and dance. Our youngest is a boy who enjoys all things superhero, lego, has a strong passion for arts and crafts, and of course enjoys any game played on a field.

Their needs that were once so similar are beginning to evolve into much more separate needs. Its beauty and a little bit of chaos all in one go.

Thank you, Riana, for sharing your family and your thoughts with us!

Photos: The Right Moments Photography

London, ON, CA


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