Meet Allison: Easy like Sunday Morning...

I love the every day submissions we get. The this is real life. Not posed, not scripted and beautifully imperfect. Meet Allison.

Hi, I’m Allison, part time worker and full time mama to two awesome little gentlemen. It’s easy to balance my life with a husband who is completely devoted to his family (aside from not knowing where dirty laundry goes), who cooks all the meals and can somehow do bedtime routine without the screaming that I am blessed with.

I love my career. My co-workers are the best. We travel up to Traverse City, Mi to see our family a lot. We’re actually headed there now. My sister is getting married and I bought my boys matching bow ties to my husbands tie. They’re going to be so cute! It’s nice being the only girl, because nobody argues with Mama Bear. And I have a great back-up squad for anyone who tries.

Henry is 4 this week. He has leg hair. And tells me Dad’s truck is cooler than my car. Parker is at my favorite age, one and a half to two. He’s got a temper like his mom and his Dad’s dimples. He’s starting to talk and it’s freaking adorable. Trying to soak it all in bc I know he’ll be three soon and three is just unreasonable.

I’m nervous my kids won’t grow up to be respectful or patient. It’s hard to be patient. But I try because I don’t want them to show intolerance. My best friend has a child with limited abilities. I hope to teach them kindness and how to be the guys that don’t tolerate bullying. Not just ignore it, but stop it from happening. We try not to yell, but Henry was riding his bike with our neighbors and the girl started teasing her sister for being small. Henry chimed in. I’ve never been so upset in my life. I think he got the point after we discussed it.

I’d like to say I read or do yoga for enjoyment or balance in my life. But in reality, I rage clean and drink beer and sometimes do Piyo.

Overall, I can’t complain. There are moments when you think, “ohmigoodness. Why did I let that man knock me up?!?” But other times, they’re so funny and so good you cry because nothing could physically and emotionally bring your life to such completion. It’s all about perspective and finding the good. And going to breweries on road trips. They have jenga. And patios (amen).

Photos: Kristin Brown Photography

Cincinnati, Ohio

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