Meet Alyssa: Capturing a Moment in Time

Real life is messy. That seems like the most obvious statement, but as mothers, we need the reminder. No one tells you, really, that motherhood is a constant battle of finding the forgiveness, the magic, and the joy in the less then picture perfect moments.

Let me introduce you to Alyssa of Hope and Stay Photography.

Alyssa, tell us about your day in the life.

The last few weeks have been rough over here. I mean really rough. Sleep deprived doesn't even begin to describe it. In the last fourteen days, we've had two cases of pink eye, a double ear infection, and strep throat sweep through our house. All of this means the little ones are beyond miserable, no one is sleeping, and we have been stuck inside for way too long. I mean, even in the middle of sitting down to write this, my littlest one shoved a necklace bead up her nose and got it stuck. Seriously.

I've recently realized how therapeutic taking photographs is for me. It's not just a career or a hobby. It truly is therapy for the soul and something I absolutely need in my life. There's something about taking a quick snap of an ordinary moment that reminds you how beautiful life really is.

Yes, in the midst of the snotty noses, unkempt hair, braless and yoga pant days, there is absolute and wild beauty. Every perceived imperfection and messy moment has something beautiful about it--it's all in the way you view it.

Yesterday, I was really needing that reminder, so I challenged myself to take one photo every hour for 12 hours. What resulted was exactly what I needed. How magical to see such a typical day unfold into a beautiful reminder of how perfect the imperfect can be.

'Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.'-Brian Andreas"

Thank you again so much for this lovely reminder!

Photos: Hope and Stay Photography

Allentown, Pennsylvania

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