Meet Allison: Poolside Maternity

As an Arizona native, I fell in love immediately with the cactus and swimming pools through out this lovely submission from Allison. I relate so much to coping with those pregnancy summer aches by lounging as much as I could in our backyard pool.

Meet Allison.

What are you doing to prepare?

We took a prepared childbirth class which was educational, especially for my husband who was still imagining some movie version of how labor was going to happen. The 'water breaks in the elevator that we're trapped in and then the baby is born in a cab' type of story. Prenatal yoga has been like therapy for me. In the first 15 minutes we go around a share how many weeks we are and what's going on with our minds/bodies. It's been very reassuring to know I'm not the only one with rib pain and a left eye twitch. And the gentle stretching and labor tips have been great, too!

What have you done to take care of yourself?

Floating in the pool as much as possible, walking, foot rubs, and popsicles. Also, making a to do list for after has given me something to look forward to. So far it consists of wine, water slides, sleeping on my stomach and a scalding hot bath.

Any fears, things that you are anxious about?

I'm mostly anxious about going into labor and how will I know and where will I be at the time. I'm planning on working up until, so it's a bit nerve-racking as a first-timer. Other than that, I keep telling my husband, "as long as there's wine at the finish line, I'll be okay." So much so, that he may be planning to sneak a mini bottle of rose into the delivery room for a small post-push toast.

Photos:Cory Ryan Photography

Austin, TX