Meet Rylie: Needing the best of you..

Needing the best of you.. it's easier said then done for a mama. It's one of the things I know I personally struggle with. Just reading this sweet submission from Rylie about her family was a gentle reminder...

Let me introduce you!

Hey Rylie. I love your kiddos names- Indigo & Coral. In fact, I am a bit obsessed. We have 1 toddler and would love to add another. Tell me, what was the most surprising thing about bringing your newborn home?

Bringing home a new baby was much easier than I was expecting. I had to have a scheduled cesarean and was very nervous about recovery with a newborn and a rambunctious 4 year old.

What are you doing to take care of yourself (mama recovery!)?

Taking a few minutes every morning and evening to just - breathe - even stepping away when both my girls are resting to meditate, read, and sometimes to write. I find that when I do make time for these things my mind is clearer.

Make that time for yourself. There will always be a daunting chore awaiting you. My advice would be make YOU the first chore on your list everyday. The kids don’t care if the dishes are done. They need the best of you.

With my husband being on tour with his band it is just me and my girls. At first I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of being alone but now with a month down I feel like a super mom- haha- I’m not by any means but I am pretending that I am.

I loaded up my girls are we have been exploring the Central Coast California. We have made so many new friends along the way.

What has been surprising about your kiddo/kiddos at this stage?

Indigo who is my fearless four year old has been such an amazing big sister. She is so eager to help at any given moment. She is working on mastering her diaper changing and is so intrigued by breastfeeding. I am so excited to watch my girls grow up to be playmates. Watching the love in their eyes makes my heart swell. I think everyone has the “am I doing the right thing” lingering around the decisions we have to make for our children. I think that is the most nerve racking thing for myself. I try to push that out - knowing that I as their mother want nothing but the best and I will try my best to be educated in each choice before making a final decision whatever the case may be.

Something you are struggling with or would like others to know?

I’d say that the feeling lonely and or sad has been something I have had to make a conscious choice to over come. Although, we have been having a wonderful time we have definitely been missing our other half - my husband, their father.

What is your best way to find balance (if this references a cocktail- I don't judge)?

Haha, a cocktail definitely seems to help. But, on a serious note. Finding balance has been hard. We are in the process of moving for the second time in six months so - finding -balance is an everyday must. Just remembering to breathe and take things day by day. The universe has a plan and we have to make the choice to be present. Not to dwell

on what has passed or what is yet to come.

What lifestyle or challenges have you been facing as a mama?

Let’s be real- becoming a mother it doesn’t matter if it is your first time or 6th time. Clothing your ever changing body seems to be a challenge at every stage of motherhood

- haha- well at least for this momma. Pre-pregnancy clothes too tight or cannot easily access the ta-tas, pregnancy clothes too loose still cannot access the ta-tas, who wants to buy more clothes to fit your postpartum body. No wonder we all wear leggings.

Rylie. Let's be friends. #leggingsarelife

Photos: Jessica Schmuckle Photography and Events

Murrieta, California