Love Multiplies

Sometimes your love for your firstborn child feels so all-consuming that it's hard to imagine having enough to give your second child. But love is boundless, and even if you get off to a slow start with your second, you'll soon find your heart is big enough to love all your children, no matter how many you have.

Meet Shadie.

The most surprising thing, is the unconditional love. You always hear that you’ll love your baby so much. But, the feeling is much more. Having the second baby, I was worried I wouldn’t love him like I love my first born.

It’s crazy how your love multiplies.

Recovery? Honestly, a lot of help came from my husband. Postpartum was worse with my second than my first. I drank a lot of water. I made sure I had a little bit of mommy time. As in taking long shower or a bath. You have to keep your sanity.

I struggled with giving both of my kids an equal amount of attention. With a newborn, that’s impossible to do. I learned to make sure to tell my oldest I loved her and did little things to make sure she felt it.

Photos: Loretta Lewis Photography

Fort Riley, KS

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