Meet Devon: Savoring the Moment

Sending all my mama hugs and love to Devon today. We are kindred spirits. Becoming a mom has made me feel like I am learning to breath again.

I'd love for you to hear it from her.

Meet Devon.

My body was weak, my mind was fragile, my heart was full. We were getting to know this new little being who smelled like heaven and needed us so much. Cell phones and calendars went unobserved.

Everyone wanted to visit and the world went on around us like before but we just wanted it to melt away. I wanted no part it. I just wanted it to be the three of us and our kitties forever.

I wanted to sleep, eat, nurse, nap, listen to music, take pictures of my baby, watch tv, cuddle with Jeremy and our sweet, warm baby. Almost one year later and that is still all I want.

Love & Light, my friend.

Photos: Sarah Tacoma Photography

Kimberley, ON, CA

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