Tips for Parents before their Newborn Photo Session

Timing. Most photographers will want to do your freshie session in the first 2 weeks of their arrival, even more optimal is in the first 10 days.

So when choosing your photographer be sure to confirm your due date with their availability. If you want nursing photos, you might want to do it in the second week to make sure her milk has come in. Find out when your pediatrician appointments will be set for, so the baby isn’t getting shots an hour before your session. Last, but not least, give the baby at least 3 days to heal from a circumcision.

Know what to expect in your session. Imagine if they didn’t realize posed newborn sessions can take about 3 hours? Talk to your photographer about timing. Inform them when your nap schedule is and if they will be at your home (on location) or in a studio. You will want to be prepared for all the details you may want, like pets, siblings or parents in photos.

Discuss the wardrobe and props. The great thing about using a photographer with a studio is they often have a big selection of props and backdrops. Be sure to talk with them about what your vision is for your photos. If your session is at home, lay out a few choices before they arrive to discuss with them on site. If you’re incorporating the home and nursery, choose an outfit that compliments their decor. If you’re going for traditional portraits against a solid background, you’ll want something simple so nothing distracts from your cutie pie.

Be flexible Even with the best preparation and planning ( totally guilty here, so I am speaking from experience), be flexible. You can't schedule a melt down, a poop fest, or a skipped nap, so just roll with it. The best photographers will assist you in making the most of your sweet soul's personality that day.

Photos: Ali Rene photography

Topeka Kansas

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