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The Dishes Can Wait..

This face. I mean come on. You know this tiny human is feeling so loved. The truth is that even when you have this sweet babe in your arms, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the tasks, the lists, the day to day. Especially just after they enter the world and there is still a lot of healing to do. Meet AnnaMarie.

Hi AnnaMarie, you cook cute babies. What are you excited or nervous about in parenthood?

I’m excited for the toddler stage. That age is just so fun! The thing I’m most nervous about is the fact that every experience he has, every rule I enforce, every moral I instill in him will contribute to who he becomes as an adult. I just keep telling myself that as long as he grows up to be a decent human being who cares for others, I did my job as a mother. I’m also nervous that he’ll be growing up around so much technology, since I want all my kids to have a “low-tech” childhood. It will be so hard once he sees all his friends with iPads!

Something you are struggling with or would like others to know?

If you’re feeling depressed, get help and don’t be ashamed! My husband and psychiatrist watched me for signs of Postpartum Depression from the moment I gave birth. I have a very long history of a depression and anxiety, so I was at a much higher risk for developing Postpartum Depression. I did amazing during most of my pregnancy, and I was even able to get off all of my medications by the third trimester. I was hoping I would be able to avoid going back on my meds, but around two weeks postpartum it was pretty evident I needed some help. I felt guilty and sad at first, because I had been doing so well, and I felt like this should be the happiest time of my life. I had wanted a baby for years, and now that I had one I couldn’t even enjoy him. Once the medication started to work its magic, though, I realized that it was exactly what I needed. It’s hard enough to care for a baby, but it’s about 1,000 times harder if you can’t even take care of yourself.

What is your best way to find balance (if this references a cocktail- I don't judge)?

My husband and I try to go on a date without the baby at least once a week, and that’s been a huge way that we have balanced out the craziness that is life with a newborn. Even though I miss my little guy every second I’m away from him, it’s important to us to still have our own lives. In a few years, most of our time will be consumed with driving kids to various activities, playdates, and birthday parties. I don’t want to lose sight of what I have with my husband amid all the hustle and bustle.

What lifestyle or challenges have you been facing as a mama?

The biggest challenge has been adjusting to this new way of life. Suddenly, there’s this tiny thing that relies solely on me to take care of him. I can’t even take him for a walk around the neighborhood without visualizing every possible thing that could go wrong in the 20 minutes we’ll be outside for. It’s also really tough to split your time between the baby and your spouse. Before he was born, I could stay up late watching a movie and cuddling on the couch with my husband. Now, by the time my husband gets home from work, I’m absolutely exhausted and want to just hand him the baby so I can take a shower, do chores, or maybe sleep for a million years. I have to remind myself that the dishes can wait, and I need to work on nurturing the relationship I worked so hard to build with him.

Photos: Maverick Organic Art Co.

Frisco, Texas

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