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A journey to two Rainbow Babies

Those of us who have suffered a miscarriage know that rainbows have a very special place in our world. The term rainbow baby is so encompassing of the joy you can find at the end of a storm. Meet Britni.

When Jacob and I first found out I was pregnant with our first baby, I was so scared!

I was so young and had just graduated college. I always knew I wanted children but I

wasn’t quite sure I was ready but we went ahead and schedualed out 8 week

doctors appointment. As the date approached we were getting more and more

excited to see the little life that was growing inside me! The day had finally arrived

and we were headed to the doctor. They ran all the test and I was showing sign of a

real pregnancy.

As the were going the ultrasound my doctor got very concerned because he was not seeing any fetus where it was suppose to be. He told us that he thought it was an ectopic pregnancy but he wanted to wait a few more weeks to check again.

So again a 10 weeks, we went back in and checked again and still nothing.

He told us that he was pretty positive that there wasn’t a fetus and that he

thought that I had already passed it without knowing. So Jacob and I came to the

realization that this wasn’t out time for kids and we were going to get serious about

our fitness.

Well little did I know, this was not the end of my “pregnancy”. I will

never forget the night my world exploded! Jacob and I had just finished a 5 mile bike

ride and were getting ready to crawl in bed when I felt a really sharp pain in my

lower abdomen on the left side. Jacob was ready to take me to the hospital that

instant because he could see the pain in my face. I was just trying to pass it off as

menstrual cramps but I soon realized this was much more than that. We rushed to

the hospital and told them my situation and that my doctor thought it was an

ectopic pregnancy. They rushed me back and within an hour, I was in emergency

surgery to have the fetus removed. They weren’t able to save my left fallopian tube

and had to remove it. Know this, I just knew it was going to be almost impossible to

have babies. I was devastated!

All my life had dreamed of being a mommy. But this isn’t where the story ends.

Three days after my surgery, I conceived my first Rainbow baby! I didn’t realize this for about a month or so but He was there! I was thrilled! I had a second chance to be a mommy and I was all on board! I was ready for this one! My husband on the other hand was a little set aback. His first words when I showed him the test was, “not this again”. He soon became just as excited as I was!

Fast forward 9 months and our son Jameson was born! He was a beautiful baby

and super healthy. I was thrilled and cherished ever moment with my new son. He

is now almost 3 and just as beautiful and full of life as the day he was born. But

again this isn’t the end of my miracle babies. Jacob and I soon realized that we

wanted to try for a second baby. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but we were up

for the fight. We tried for almost 5 months and along came our second babe. When

we were thinking about names I know I wanted it to be special, something with

meaning. I texted the name Wrightly Jane to my husband and he thought it was an

author from one of my books. I said, “no for our baby name.” He was onboard.

Knowing that my eggs can no longer come from my left side because of my first

ectopic pregnancy, I know they can only come from my right ovary. Because of this,

Wrightly is my “Right” baby, hence the name Wrightly. She was was born July 12

happy and healthy weighing 8lbs. 14oz! We are so blessed to have not only one, but

two beautiful Rainbow babies.

Amarillo, TX,

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