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Time to Play

We all know that with each generation, it has become harder to keep kids active. Not for this family! Meet Stephaine

I am a full-time working mom out of the home and active with a running group as well as playing in a women’s volleyball league throughout the week. Showing my son being active is important and will get us all moving and healthy! Play dates are another way we love to get moving....going to the park, or just out to a friends barn to play, we love it all! Growing friendships while staying active.

Brayden is very athletic already at his very young age of 2! He is non-stop running around playing catch, hitting baseballs, hockey, etc.

I am excited to watch my son grow up into a respectful young man, but don’t want the time to go too fast. But let your kids be kids, the time truly goes by way to fast. The past 2 years have flown by already. They grow up to fast not to cherish every moment you have with them.

My alone time is going for a run, whether it just be 2 or 3 miles or my long runs training for a marathon- the time away is needed to get just the right amount of balance!

Photos: Forte

Bowling Green, OH

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