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Preparing for Baby

When you are ready to introduce your new baby to the family there are so many things you have to do to prepare. This is a mama after my own heart. Meet Sara!

I have lots of checklist! It may sound a little crazy, but I find when I have a "to do list" I can accomplish a lot more. I find when I have down time (usually at night) my mind is racing about what I need to do before the baby comes. So right from the beginning I kept a little notepad (or used my phone) to keep a running list. I swear it helped me stay organized. I have also read a lot of blogs, articles, and reached out to alot of my friends who have children to get some advice. I always appreciate the realness from my close friends. They don't sugar coat anything so I appreciate all of their stories and advice.

I have a 4 year old step daughter, Ella (who is obviously the little girl in the picture) that is VERY EXCITED about becoming a little sister. My husband and I decided right away that we really wanted Ella to be apart of the whole process and not feel left out. She came to doctors appointments, ultrasounds, and helped us pick out things for the baby, We also read ALOT of "Big Sister Books" to help her prepare. We both felt very strongly about including her in the process and answering any questions she may have had(of course making sure our answers were age approraite), no matter how awkward they were (like how the baby got into my belly haha). She has been really great throughout the pregnancy and we are fully confident she will be the BEST big sister. :)

Pregnancy is definitely not easy, it takes ALOT out of you, I made sure that working as a full time teacher and also dance instructor that I tried my best to stay healthy. I meal prepped once a week, stayed active, and rested when I felt like it (I secretly really LOVE naps, so being pregnant allowed me to take alot of them). I also made sure that I did things that made be still feel good about my body changing so drastically. Like shopping, getting my nails done, and the occassional prenatal massage. I think its really important for expecting moms to still treat themselves every now and then, plus who doesn't love to be pampered?

I think as any expecting mom I have the typical fears of child birth. Am I going to shit myself? Tear from one end to the other? Be the crazy woman who is swearing non-stop? Will my body bounce back? Will my husband want to have sex with me again after watching me give birth? (sorry for my bluntness but this is how I feel haha). I'm not sure if all moms feel this way, but I definitely think about these things alot. Then theres a part of me that is just nervous about being a good mom and I find myself wondering about things like will I be able to balance a household, caring for my baby, giving enough attention to my step daughter, work full time, give my husband the attention he deserves, have time for myself, the list is honestly endless. But then I remind myelf how awesome woman are and that we are truly super humans that can handle anything. So although this is my first baby I feel like with the love and support from my incredible husband, family, and our friends that I can handle anything that comes our way and we are ready to experience this amazing thing called parenthood.

Photos: Simply Perfect Photography

Warwick, RI

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