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Finding out the gender of your newest love on their arrival is one of the few things in this life that can be a true surprise. Just like us, This family wanted that moment to cherish. Meet Lauren!

We had a very slim chance of being able to have a natural birth and would have to have a csection so our only surprise was to wait to find out the gender! But the hardest part was not being able to have the nursery completed. We planned a neutral decor but left the details for once we find out the gender.

The nursery is safari animals gray and white and we will add touches of navy or pink once baby is here!

The baby shower was gender neutral and we got the necessities along with clothes and blankets in grays. Then we will have a sip and see once the baby is born to get more gender specific baby gear!

Secretly, I would love a girl! My husband says he wants another boy but secretly he would love a daddy’s little girl.

So many people tried to talk us out of it but we’re holding strong to our decision. It’s going to be such a special moment between my husband and I getting to find out the gender when we get to hold her/him for the first time!

Photos: Maverick Organic Art Co.

Dallas, TX