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The sibling bond is one of the most precious. It's the first place we learn to share, to accept, and to love unconditionally. It's just one of the reasons we loved this session. That and we love that this mama loves wine!

Meet Salina!

I am Salina, wife and mother of 2! I am a kindergarten teacher and have been teaching for 12 years. My oldest child is Jasleen, 8. She prefers to be called Jazz and loves dancing and TALKING! My youngest is Brantley, 2. Our family is currently experiencing the TERRIBLE 2’s. He is strong willed and stubborn like his mama! Both of my children are active. Jazz is energetic from the moment she wakes up and until her little head hits the pillow.

She is my easy child (but talks all day!). Jazz knows my morning rule...mama must have 3 big gulps of coffee before she can start talking my ear off. True story! Brantley may be 2 but he for sure thinks he’s a big kid! He prefers to play with kids that are around his sister’s age and isn’t too much interested in any baby friends. He is my rambunctious boy! He is rotten but he melts my heart.

Potty training is my current fear! Brantley wants no parts of it! He also isn’t a fan of sleeping. At all. You think the second kid will be a breeze because you’ve got the hang of it...wrong! But there’s always wine! I find that reading (not work related, ha) and baking help me find some kind of balance in life...if Brantley will stay away from the stove! My daughter seems to think that the importance of grocery shopping is because mama needs wine; I must be doing something right!

Photos: Megan Kaley Photography

Hopkins, SC

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