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Preparing for number three

When you are growing to a bigger family you try to rely on past experiences. But the changes are just as exciting as the first time! Meet Natalie, after two boys sister is on the way!

We had to decorated her room, buy all the baby gear, bath accessories, toys and clothes for her. We also ended up getting a bigger vehicle since this is our 3rd child. My mother threw a baby shower for us since this was our first girl and we donated all of our baby gear after my son got older.

To take care of myself I would see my doctor every 4 weeks for check ups, continue taking my prenatal vitamins, and my family and I would go to parks for walks to keep myself active! I have two boys already and having our first girl we were nervous but very excited for her to be here! I was a little anxious because I didn’t know if delivery would be different this time around since I was having a girl because pregnancy was a lot different than it was with the boys. Both of my boys delivery was very fast and easy, my doctor told me that I shouldn’t worry and having a girl wouldn’t change anything. I was also nervous because I did not know how my youngest would react to me giving most of my attention to the new baby when we went home.

Madison, OH

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