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Fall is upon us!

Just in time for Thanksgiving. One of our favorite holidays. It's the best time of year to celebrate with your family. We got a lovely submission of fall that we are excited to share. Let's hear from the photographer, Lauren tell you the story!

Every time a season changes, it brings something magical with it. Winter brings snow, spring brings new life, and fall, well it’s the best of all, bringing foliage and fun. The Hummel's came with just the right attitude and outfits to enjoy a beautiful autumn day in the park and in their own backyard. Dressed in cool blue and gray tones, fun boots and dark jeans, the parents know exactly how to stand out with their awesome and energetic girls stealing the show— as they should! The girls looked great with their matching gray tights and adorable blue dresses with bright pops of color that matched their energy.

The Hummel sisters know how to have a good time when the leaves are falling. The girls love making funny faces at each other, and at their parents. We can’t get enough of their spunky attitudes! Laying in the grass (making funny faces,) hanging from trees, dancing it out at the park and making sweet faces while posing with their parents, these girls know how to work the camera. The parents got to shine as well, posing for a few photos by themselves, in the leaves and on their tree swing where the girls sneaked up on them with handfuls of leaves! So much fun.

By far the most exiting part was capturing the girls having a blast with the leaves in their backyard. Throwing leaves at each other and their parents, burying themselves in piles of leaves, and of course jumping into the leaves— who wouldn’t have fun spending a day with this awesome family. Their excitement and great attitudes made it such a blast to capture these awesome candid moments!

Photos: From the Hip Photo

Denver, CO

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