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Let's get ready for winter!

As temperatures drop & twinkling lights begin to sparkle in the streets, it's so important to stop and be present. This time is so sacred and so fleeting. Especially when you have littles, slowing down and just enjoying the season can be hard. There is so much EXTRA to do on top of keeping your tiny human alive. My best tip is to enjoy the chill and get cozy with your family!

I'll let Amanda share with you this sweet family...

Elyse, Bryce and their daughter Alexandra showed up to my mini session event for the second year in a row. This adorable family is so fun and so happy. It's obvious by Alex's personality that her parents give her all the love in the world.

This family isn't afraid to have fun, be a little silly and let loose. Alex is almost two years old now and Elyse, her mom, has just gotten back to working outside the home again, so Alex is having to get used to being cared for by others.

Mom is enjoying being back around adults, but misses the time spent at home with her sweet baby girl. They wanted to capture her growth with a fun fall photo shoot.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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