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The best gift....

As your kids get older it's hard to always get them together for the little things. But taking family photos allows you to put a pause on life and time and just celebrate right where you are. Together. Meet Lyndzee.

So it’s been years since my whole family and I have taken any professional photos. Probably not since we were young! We have been trying to nail down a date for the last couple years but because we are all grown now with families and spouses of our own and different life schedules it’s been hard to get all of us together.

So for Christmas last year, we really wanted to make it happen, just us siblings, to surprise our mom and Dad as a gift. Our parents were moving into their forever home and retiring, so we wanted their new home to be surrounded by some familiar love. And what better way to do that than with fresh pictures of us and their grand kids!

Most of us are really close but we don’t get together as often as we would like (because, life) so when we do get together for occasions or bbqs we just love that we’re all together again and are able to spend some quality time with each other. Sometimes when us siblings all get together at our parents house for a bbq we love to resort back to our sibling ways and press each others buttons (for fun) and call out “mooooooom!” Or “He started it!” Just because we can.

La Mesa, California

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