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Anxious Mama

There are submissions that we get that hit home! This one is special. We wanted our daughter to have a unique name, but not so unique that she was named after a piece of fruit or something she could be ridiculed for ! Meet Savannah & her story of Piper. ( the best name ever !)

Pregnancy for me was a challenge. I was anxious! I am a pre-planner and very detailed about my time/schedule. Friends would share stories about countless sleepless nights and the different needs of their babies. My husband can attest about my love for my sleep and prayed Piper would love her sleep as much as her Momma does! I never doubted being a good Mom but there was an anxiousness I felt about the change and unknown.

I wanted to know as much about my babies development as I could, so I did a ton of research and found tons of great information that helped me become more comfortable. In addition, I was sick from week 6 all the way until Piper was born. Morning sickness turned into all day, everyday. I could barely keep anything down; grilled cheeses from Inn-N-Out and fish tacos from The Fish District were some of the only things that I craved and surprisingly didn’t come back up!

There were times my mind tricked me into thinking I couldn’t handle the pregnancy anymore and questioned if this was all worth it. I had a great support group of Moms and they assured me that once I saw Piper for the first time; all the pain and doubt I had would become an after thought. They were so right! The second we locked eyes there was a sense of calm and comfort that I hadn’t felt throughout the pregnancy.

This unconditional love that everyone talked about is no joke! I now know why women have more kids, no matter how bad their pregnancies are! We plan on having another baby and We ask ourselves and our friends; “How could you possibly love another baby as much as this one?” They assured me there is still so much love left to give and they haven’t steered us wrong yet! Motherhood is so rewarding and I’m grateful to be Pipers mama.

Photos: Sweet Snappin' Photos

San Diego, CA