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Making the Most of your Maternity Shoot

Although sometimes you might feel like pregnancy is much longer then 9 months, ver quickly you will feel as if this time has flown by. Preserving memories of this fleeting moment is so important. There are so many styles of photography, settings and wardrobe that can make your photoshoot unique, but there are a few general tips we recommend!

When Should You Book Your Maternity Shoot?

It’s all about the timing with your baby bump, and you want to make sure it’s on full display. The trick here is not to wait too long so that you are uncomfortable during the shoot. You will still want to be able to move freely during your session. For most expectant moms they will book their shoot to occur at the beginning of the third trimester. That means you should be in contact with your chosen photographer at the beginning of your second trimester.

What Should You Wear?

The purpose of a maternity shoot is to show off your baby bump. For some this may mean as little clothing as possible like a boudoir style shoot. For others, it may be a form-fitting dress... If a dress isn’t quite your style, just make sure to wear a tight fitting shirt. Again, the point is to show off that sweet baby. Some photographers even have a stash of dresses or know a previous client who is selling theirs, so ask them as well!

Location, Location, Location

Many maternity photos are taken outside or in a studio — however, the options are endless. If you want your photos taken in your home, there are photographers that will even do that.

Outdoor pictures are also great. But keep in mind the weather and the elements! If your wardrobe is "off season" be sure to bring a jacket, change of shoes or an entire change of clothing to stay comfortable. For my photos, I was in a river and forgot a towel. Lesson learned.

Bottomline, your photographer should make you feel comfortable celebrating your sweet baby. Your confidence in your photographer and the process is the most important thing!

Salem, Or

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