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Tea & The British Baking Show

When you have tried many years to grow your family, pregnancy can be a sacred season in your life. You do your best to prepare, to slow down and enjoy. Meet Leanne.

I am taking lots of naps because I’ve been told that becomes nonexistent once you have a baby! Along with other things I fear are going to be difficult to do with a newborn- going out to the movies, going out to eat at nice restaurants, having lots of girl nights and date nights with my husband. We have also taken a “Birthing with Courage” class that has prepared us for any type of intervention that might happen during labor.

I’ve continued my fitness routine that was established before pregnancy (but of course listening to my body as to not overdue it!). Maintained a well balanced meal each day. Getting as much sleep as I can.

Emotionally- Talking about my fears with my husband and loved ones, a lot of laughter with my girlfriends, hot tea and binge watching The Great British Baking Show.

This has been a very challenging journey for my husband and I. We struggled with infertility for the past 4 years and experienced a lot of heartbreak and loss of hope. We were able to finally find success with IVF! I don’t think the fear will subside until I am actually holding that beautiful soul that was made with so much love (and a bit of science!).

Photos: Meghan Rolfe Photography

Asheville, NC