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Let it snow!

As a second time mom, I was surprised how relaxed I felt with my son. When we brought our daughter home from the hospital 3.5 years prior we were nervous wrecks and too worried about her to even sleep well. This time around I was much calmer and able to sleep when the baby slept.

During my first few weeks home from the hospital I took a lot of lavender Epsom salt baths. It was very healing physically, and allowed me some much needed time to myself while my husband watched the kids.

My best advice to any new mama readers is to trust your own instincts. It is very easy to get wrapped up in what your family, friends, pediatrician, and even Google says you should be doing. Only you know what is best for your child and things go so much smoother when you trust yourself and your own intuition.

I am a Master’s level counselor but I have taken some time away from my career to be with my babies and currently work on a part-time basis at their preschool!

I have been surprised by what an amazing big sister my daughter is. I knew she would do well but she has far surpassed my every expectation and hope. She has transitioned into her new role like a champ and I am one proud mama!

For me, every day with my children is exciting. They are constantly growing, changing, and reaching new milestones. It is an absolute joy to spend time with them.

I lost my best friend, my precious mother, just 20 days before giving birth to my son. I have struggled immensely with this devastating loss. Going through two life changing events back to back, experiencing the lowest of lows followed by the highest of highs, has been more challenging than I could ever put into words. Because of this, I have struggled with a lot of anxiety the past few months.

The best way I have found balance is to carve out a little time for date night with my husband or time with girlfriends. It is really nice to remember what it is like to be social and outgoing. I also have a very strong faith in The Lord that keeps me grounded in the midst of chaos.

Dahlonega, GA

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