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Time for a nap

The best thing a mama can do is rest up! There will be quite a journey ahead! Meet Jane.

What are you doing to prepare?

I feel like I have been preparing for the past 8 months! People say to try to enjoy

every moment of pregnancy, but that is hard to do when you are close to holding your

sweet baby in your arms. This is our first child, so I spent a good portion of the

summer getting the nursery ready and polling people with kids on the best baby

products to buy (there is a surprisingly large amount of options!!!). However, the

more significant thing has been preparing mentally/emotionally to take care of a

human being. It feels surreal that soon it won’t be just the two of us and our dog.

We have started reading to the baby on most nights so that he hears our voices and

to get into a bedtime routine.

What have you done to take care of yourself?

I have always been pretty big into fitness so I tried to continue that throughout

pregnancy by running or walking several times per week. Running has become more

difficult as my belly has gotten bigger, so now my exercise is limited to morning or

evening walks with my husband and dog, which is time that I treasure. Focusing on

diet is important too- I am way more conscious of what I put into my body and try to

eat my veggies every day! I have also treated myself to the occasional pre-natal

massage and mani/pedi. Finally, I give myself permission to nap rather than check

things off of the to-do list since I know there won’t be many opportunities for that

once baby comes!

Any fears, things that you are anxious about?

I think I am most anxious about raising a kind and responsible human being in a

world that often leads you to be otherwise- it is probably the biggest

responsibility that a person can take on! Now that the due date is getting closer, I

am a bit more anxious about going through labor- how long it will last, and if

everything will go smoothly.

Westfield, IN

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