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Back to School!

One of the important things we are wanting to instill in our kiddos is a love of learning! Understanding what your child is passionate about allows you to teach them a variety of skills in a way that they can be excited about. For example, we recently traveled to the beach for the first time with our youngest, Little Pie. Ever since then she has been obsessed about the ocean!

So when I was contacted by Jessica Lightle, Community Manager at about checking out their worksheets, I was intrigued! They offer so many options for interests that I am sure every parent can find a theme that they child can get excited about!

I know so many that kids will love diving deep into clues about the ocean as they try solve this crossword puzzle below! Ride the wave to for an ocean full of language arts activities.

And you know we love a good freebie! So please, download this Under the Sea crossword puzzle and enjoy!

And the answer sheet below for those of us so tired from chasing toddlers that we are lucky to enough to remember how to spell our own names at the end of the day!

If your kiddos aren't as obsessed with the ocean as mine are, there are so many other themes and skill sets to choose from!

Right now their seasonal themes are popular: kayaking, hiking, water balloons, and back to school. Their other themes include school days, dinosaurs, outer space, and more. Really there is something for everyone!

Here are some worksheet types to choose from:

  • Maze

  • Word search

  • Word search with images

  • Crossword puzzle

  • Word scramble

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Division

  • Multiplication

  • Spelling Test

  • Matching words to images

  • Word Tracer

So as we know, so much of a love of learning is rooted in our home. It's so nice to have resources like to help us create a foundation our kids can thrive on!


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