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What A Newborn Really Needs

I will say that having number two seems way less daunting. When you go from zero to one, you have nothing. You are starting from scratch. Plus, with no experience, you register for EVERYTHING. So much you find out was only used once or never at all. In truth there is very few things you really need to welcome your new arrival.


  • Newborn diapers. This time around we did a subscription. Now I will never run out! Most people choose an easy Amazon subscription!

  • Onesie T-shirts. And you will need a lot. In various sizes- your babe might only be in littles for a short time. Be prepared with the next size up.

  • Sleep sacks- this is a MUST MUST HAVE. Seriously, if you get anything on this list. This is it!

  • Burp clothes (cloth diapers are great for this)

  • Small tub for bathing baby. However, for sure use the shower as well. I know so many kids that are now afraid because of the noise. Later when your kid is older they may have an injury or condition that a shower is better for them. It's best to get them acquainted early! We used the one linked. I could set it in tub or shower and baby was at a safe angle.

  • Stroller. No brainer. My biggest advice here. Check your local second hand listings. Your stroller gets trashed. We have an $800 stroller that was handed down to us from a friend, and then bought a 2nd $300 stroller second hand for $15.

  • Car seat. Ok don't get this second hand. This is the one thing that will save your baby's life in an accident. Consider which ones will easily be used on the stroller you find second hand - so they are interchangeable! Finally, your baby will outgrow this quick. Don't spend a fortune!

  • Bassinet or crib. Again, this one is tricky. Only you can decide what you feel comfortable with when it comes to sleeping arrangements. For Little P it was co-sleeping in our bed. We have a hard sided sleeper that we put on top of the covers. It was easy for us to sit up and grab her in the middle of the night for whatever she needed. I felt a bit safer knowing she was protected by the sides. I am a light sleeper, so any movement woke me up. For baby number two, we found a wicker bassinet that will stay in our room, similar to this one. What I realized with Little P was that I had to get up to pump anyway even when Daddy took over. Also, we have a toddler that might jump in bed now in the morning, I would hate for there to be an accident with the new baby because of her sheer excitement she has in the AM!

Finally, the most important thing you can do for your newborn is take care of YOU. You are the one thing no money can buy that your baby truly needs! Ask for help when you need it, rest every chance you get. No one really can explain to you how hard a newborn is. Nothing can really prepare you for the emotions, the recovery, or the needs your baby may have. Being the best version of YOU is really the best gift you can give!

Sacramento, CA, US

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