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From Two to Three

Building a community of mothers to share their stories is one of the main goals of why I started MNAC back in 2016. I know that there are so many moms that feel like they are alone even when in reality we know there are so many moms with such similar stories out there. Here is another one! Meet Samantha-Jo.

My name is Samantha-Jo and pregnancies and motherhood have been rough for me. My pregnancy with my twins was a rough one. I did everything by the book to protect myself the minute I found out I was pregnant. No caffeine, quit drinking soda, cut way back on sugar, cut down on carbs, ate more fruits and vegetables and increased my water intake by the ton. I was so scared I was going to do one thing wrong and lose them. It took my husband and I almost 5 years to get pregnant so I made sure I stayed as healthy as possible. I was anxious and scared especially when at my 20 week check up and ultrasound after complaining of lower back pain and cramping, I was told my cervix had disappeared and I was put on bed rest until I had the twins which they were born at 35 weeks. My second pregnancy was not as rough but because of the trauma my twin pregnancy endured, I was scared that it was all going to happen again. I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies as well.

The best stage in childhood so far has been probably just recently. My twins, Jackson and Leonard are almost 3 years old and they are seriously the most polite, crazy, funny and caring little boys ever. Some days are more challenging than others but I seriously wouldn’t trade these days for anything. The thing I am most excited about is to watch them grow and turn into young men. I can’t wait to watch them show their baby brother Maverick how to do stuff, how to rough house, how to play in the dirt and how to be loving and caring just like them. I don’t really have any funny stories to share. Everyday is a new and exciting day with my three boys and I am loving every minute of it. I have been mom shamed about formula feeding my twins and my new son.

I tried to breastfed with my twins and well, when your husband travels constantly and couldn’t be home with me after I had them, your supply dries up really fast. I was alone 98% of the time and had zero help from anyone. I was learning how to be a new mom and a mom to twin boys. I got to breastfed my new son but only for 3 months. My supply couldn’t keep up with him no matter how hard I tried. I was stressing myself out too much to keep my supply up so I decided to stop. I stock piled a stash in the freezer as much as I could I went about my life formula feeding. I’ve been shamed because I formula feed but no one cares to ask why I do. It makes me feel like a bad mother sometimes but I know in my heart I did my best for as long as I could.

Photos of the Mikkelson Family

Anoka, MN, US

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