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The two weeks before baby

There’s a lot to think about when you are expecting. Between the baby registry and preparing for labor, it’s hard to even think about actually keeping your newborn baby alive. It almost seems like it can’t be real until your little one is here and when she’s here, your mind will be a little foggy.

As much preparation you have done and classes you have taken, getting the right amount of burp cloths and finding the right stroller will be the furthest things from your mind the first two weeks living with your newborn baby. You’ll be struggling with lack of sleep and not really feeling like yourself as you continue to recover from delivery.

Thankfully, I've been down this road before. Plus, I am a PSYCHO planner. When I was ready to welcome my little Pie, I had a hospital bag packed like I was going on an African safari. I had 2 hospital photographers on call, I had a doula and my doula back up, and a birth plan brochure that looked like I was selling a time share. It retrospect, it was ridiculous.

For number two, so much is different. The only thing we registered for was diapers and Target gift cards. Instead of spending hours on a nursery, we spent the energy into redoing our master room - including barn doors, a new bed, new floors, a lovely bassinet, a tv (to keep me entertained during recovery) and a new recliner set up as a nursing station. We know this kiddo will be in our room for the first three months anyway, so we wanted our retreat to be a place for us to celebrate, heal and bond together as a family.

The other thing that we have done is spent a lot of energy preparing little P for her new role. We have so many books about new babies and becoming a sibling. We have also spent a lot of time making her a new built in window seat/bed, turning her old bed frame into a playhouse and a hanging macrame swing in her room. It is her new big sister room! It's been fun seeing her so concerned about the baby belly!

Lastly, the logistics. Meals are being prepped, final manicure, facial & hair cuts are scheduled. Guests are being warned, the emergency sitter tree is set, and the guest bedroom (someday nursery) is getting finishing touches to welcome the village we know it takes! Blog posts are scheduled, my clients are prepped. This time we know what to expect. This time will be easier.

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