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Ways to bond with your baby

We are officially one week home from the hospital ! To say it's been a whirlwind is an understatement.

I grew up as the big sister. It was a role I have always been so proud of. My brother is three years younger than me and he has always been "my baby". My little P is also three years older then her new Baby Bear! I was hoping they had a similar bond!

In the meantime, one fact has been on my mind for a while. How do I make sure my extremely sensitive baby girl still feels like she is important & special? Little P has a huge heart and is such a mama's girl.

Starting traditions for your first born is so important. By default they will now have to learn to share when they never had to before. They will have to wait for you in a way they never had to before. They will have to be the helper, the responsible one, the one you had to practice your parenting skills on. In so many ways they will be stronger, and every first born feels like they had it harder.

Growing up for me it was my breakfast date with my dad. Every so often my dad and I would wake up early and sneak out to breakfast together. It was my special thing for only me and him. We would even drive just out of town to some obscure places. It was magical.

So this is a sweet submission that spoke to me.

Every year, near little one's birthday, they find a field of gorgeous Texas bluebonnets, take their baby girl, and mom's wedding dress. They find the perfect spot and they place her lovingly into her mama's dress. Sometimes she will have it, sometimes she won't. But waiting with patience and some fruit snacks, we were able to capture these beautiful memories. Ones that they will get to look back on one day, with them all compiled together, so so cherished!


Brianna Joy Photography​

Billings, MT, US

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