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Christmas Traditions for Kids

Christmas traditions are one of the things kids will remember for years and years and those special memories will bring your family closer together. If you need some ideas to get you started, here are some fun ideas to get you started!

When I was little, my mother would bake cookies a few days before the big day. Now growing up with an artist mother meant the best part was decorating. As an adult, I hate baking. It's too much of an exact science for me. This year I need to summon my inner Julia Child and bake without burning the house down so I can decorate with my kiddo.

Sweet Tooth

Our family is from Provence in the South of France, so they have beef, rather than a turkey. In Provence, we also have the additional tradition of 13 desserts (!). Thirteen different desserts will be displayed next to the dining table for guests to help themselves as they please. Snippets of Paris

Holiday Kindness

In the month of December we do little acts of service for each other. Starting the first of December we begin to pass around a yellow star. Someone secretly does a kind deed (like make a bed, leave a treat, color a picture) and leaves the star there for you on your bed. Then it is your turn to do a secret surprise for someone in the family. You have 24 hours to pass on the star to someone else. This goes on until Christmas Day. It is so fun to share kindness and it teaches our children to think of others. Today Mommy

We bake cookies for the police officers and firefighters having to work on xmas day. It's a fun way to remind my kids that not everyone gets to spend xmas with their family. Mama on Parade

We always adopt a family that's less fortunate. We do all the shopping for the family together, and I let my little girls help wrap the presents. Then we deliver them together a few days before Christmas. We involve our little girls as much as possible in the process. Mommy Enlightened

Keep 'em Busy

We also make a countdown to Christmas chain every year and every chain link has a new holiday activity or service project for us to do.

One of the most meaningful Christmas traditions for our family is making handmade ornaments. Every year, we make different Christmas crafts and ornaments that mean so much more than store bought ornaments. We spend fun quality time together and my children can tell you the story behind every ornament they have made. DIY with my Guy

Whatever you choose to do with your kiddos this year, keep in mind the lasting impression it will have on their own holiday traditions!

Coquitlam, BC, CA

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