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Hey, so you're in a pandemic. Advice from Mama Needs A Cocktail (now more than ever).

Hey so ...let's talk surviving Corona. Not the virus. The shutdown.

Seriously though, we're in the middle of a global pandemic! And we all have kids who’ve been raised to communicate with their friends via 15-second videos, Amazon, and accessibility. This isn’t a situation that lends itself to JUST NOW trying to become Martha Stewart, Mister Rodgers, or Joanne Gaines. My tagline is "Thriving as a Modern Mother". This situation.... that statement does not apply. This is survival.

Mom-guilt is real. And social media right now is in full beast mode. Everyone is looking for advice & support, but what we see the most on social media is everyone's efforts to homeschool & parent like they just haven't had to before. Perfect schedules, perfect meal plans...just perfect everything? What's a mom to do!?

Working from home is not new to me. I have done it now for the past two decades. My husband has even done so here and there. So, the transition of not leaving the house and having to be productive is a fairly easy one... but with two kids under the age of four? No one signed up for this.

I call for an end of all the perfectly staged craft photos, militant schedules, and scholar level school sessions for your "corona kids". Let's slow down. Take a deep breath and just lower the parenting bar for a hot minute. There is no award ceremony at the end of this. Unlike the running joke that every working parent, single parent, or stay-at-home parent has uttered at some point, that “everyone was alive” at the end of the day, that is actually the real job we all have right now. Trying to keep people alive. Seriously.

I support you, mama. Messy hair, all day PJ wearing, screen time giving, please just ten minutes of quiet mama. Yes, you can have another donut, we still have to bathe, pour me another mama. I see you. I support you.

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