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Travel Themed Nursery

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

So in dreaming about my own kiddos nursery there are so many details that are easy to overlook! I'm excited to see how it all turns out. So when I got this submission, it sparked my interest!

Here is the story from their photographer:

When I say that their home felt straight out of a magazine, I’m not kidding. To be completely honest, Jack and I were a bit scared to touch anything because it was just so perfect! Throughout the Scabarozi house, you could find a different item from every country they have visited. If you need a refresher, Laura and Jeff are HUGE travelers and have gone to over 110 countries together! Their baby shower theme was “Our Greatest Adventure” and Lilly is their future travel buddy! It was so neat to see everywhere they’ve been and what they brought back from their adventures together!

Lilly’s nursery was the absolute sweetest, just like her! Full of light pink decor and flowers, it was perfect for this princess. Laura and Jeff love to read with Lilly in her room, so we made sure to capture those moments together! Laura also shared that after bath time, Lilly loves to play in the mirror, and boy did she have fun with that. We also joined them in the kitchen where Miss Lilly enjoyed playing on the counter with her parents.

At the end of our session, Laura’s original babies joined us for some time on their bed. Peanut and Jilly are Laura’s pugs and they were some of the most fun pups we had ever met! They lounged and played with the rest of their family and made sure to sneak some treats in between photos. Seriously the cutest family ever!

Favorite Must Haves from this Nursery:

Orlando, FL, US

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