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There is a reason your toddler has so much energy (and why you are exhausted)

Sometimes I look around at my home and my almost four year old and think "I can let you run around and also keep you alive, or I can risk it and maybe get some laundry done." I choose my daughter. There's no energy left to do both. Thank god I have a lot of clothes...

A new study published recently found that young children have muscles that perform at a similar level as endurance athletes, according to Newsweek. In particularly, Australian researchers put young boys, untrained men, and endurance athletes through a strenuous activity test on a stationary bike, and discovered that the kids didn't tire easily, the study's findings show.

Not only that, but, according to researchers, young children may also bounce back at a faster than the well-trained athletes. That may explain why one round of intense play at the park doesn't run your little one ragged the way you hoped.

No wonder I am exhausted!

The big kicker, children do not have anaerobic systems that are as "highly developed" as the average adult, "therefore they don't produce a lot of lactic acid, and therefore they don't seize up after repeated bouts" of play and exercise.

In other words: Your kid's body just won't let them feel tired after jumping around the way you may feel tired after a quick strength training session at the gym.

Basically, moms, we don't stand a chance. Skip the laundry, we won't survive it. Enjoy the cuteness of their curiosity.

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