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Advice for Dad's: Welcoming a Newborn

There is so much advice out there for moms preparing for life after a new baby. But like so much of the pregnancy, a father can feel like they are unsure the best way to support their partner and their new member of the family. Listen up dads, I have some words of wisdom for you!

Get involved early and often with your child – even late night feedings. You may wish you were sleeping while doing it, but you'll look back and miss it, promise! Plus, your baby mama will need the rest after the marathon of bringing a tiny human into the world. So ya, you're tired, but you didn't just pop out a watermelon or take care of that kid for the last nine months. It's time to step in!

Define certain jobs as daddy jobs. For us now with little Pie, it's story time. But early on, I struggled with breast feeding so a lot of feedings were done by dad. We will have to see how this develops this time around...

Setting a routine with the kids. Growing up it was an early morning breakfast with my dad. It was great knowing that this was always going to be daddy-daughter time. Start a routine giving your baby mama with some time to herself. I plan on working on this when number 2 arrives! Something I can commit to and my hubby can commit to with the kiddos...probably gym or yoga for me, I will let dad create his own traditions with the kids!

Last, set a date night. Yep. Advice that is now more true than ever. My hubs booked us tickets to Amy Schumer after Pie came into our lives. It was so nice to feel like a couple again and reconnect instead of two survivalist from Naked and Afraid.

It will be a wild ride for sure. And at times it will suck. But the first smile, the first giggle and the first full sleep night will make it all worth it!

Images: nicole nero studio NY, US

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