MNAC Retreat Scottsdale
  • MNAC Retreat Scottsdale


    3-4:30pm Arrival

         including welcome drinks and well appointed bedrooms with swag, snacks and your        photo release forms


    5pm- 6pm Happy Hour Meet & Greet

    hosted by Regina Young,  Founder & Editor of Mama Needs a Cocktail, Certified Love and Logic Parent Coach 


    6pm-7:30pm 4 course dinner & wine pairing hosted by Chef Noelle


    7:45pm Evening Meditation 


    8pm Free time!  No  kids to tuck in bed, no meals to prep, no diapers to change!



    7-8am Optional  Morning Yoga  on the lawn guided by Sam McCaul


    8:30am Continental Breakfast & smoothies hosted by Fresh From the Kitchen Catering


    9:30 am Morning Group Session: Raising Adults// Natural Consequences


    10:45 am Free time! Journal, nap, Facetime your babies or hang by the pool! It's your time!

    12:00pm  LUNCH::

                     Seasonal specialties hosted by Joanna Stainer, Health & Nutrition Coach


    1:00pm  Massages & one on one coaching sessions with x & Regina Young


    4:00pm  Organic Wine tasting with Stephanie Harris of Chloe Wines


    6:00pm  8 course dinner with Chef Nick


    9:00pm  Face Masks hosted by Kimberly Sharflinger of Skin Perfect & Game Night!



    7-8am Optional Yoga session on the lawn


    9:30 am Farewell Brunch

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